Frequently Asked Questions

Electric, Acoustic or Classical?

It depends on what style of music you would like to play.  I usually recommend starting on an acoustic guitar, as you do not need to buy an amplifier and cable. Like wise with a classical guitar, the only difference is the acoustic has metal strings and has a brighter sound and the classical has nylon strings with a mellow sound. For younger players classical guitars are great as the strings are thicker, making it easier for smaller hands to play the notes. Classical guitars are also readily available in differences sizes – 1/2,  3/4 and full size.

Electric Guitars need an amplifier and a cable/lead to connect them. If you want to play rock, metal, punk etc. you will most likely use an electric guitar. That’s not to say it’s all ‘turn it to 11’ and play as loud as possible. The electric guitar can also be played more delicately.

However it’s important to know that skills are interchangeable between the three types of guitars, as they all share the same techniques/notes etc. So don’t get hung up choosing a style to begin with, you don’t have to be tied to one instrument.


What age do you usually start teaching guitar?

Around 6 or 7 years old. It depends on the individual whether they have the attention span and coordination. I recommend a free consualtion so I can assess the child.


Here are some recommended guitar brands for beginners (low to high price range):


Gear4music, Valencia and Jose ferre


Gear4music, Fender and Epiphone.


I recommend getting a ‘starter pack’. This usually contains a guitar, amplifier cable and picks/plectrums:

Gear4music, Squire and Epiphone.


If you decide to get an electric guitar on its own, here are some amplifiers and cables I recommend.


Behringer GM108, Peavey backstage and Orange Crush PiX CR12L.



Usually 3 meters is long enough.

Stagg, Fender and Monster.



Korg Pitchclip, also the Clear tune app.


Picks/ Plectrum

These come in different thicknesses and finishes I recommend a .88mm Dunlop Tortex.



For younger beginners: Hal Leonard Guitar Method Guitar for Kids method and song book.

Older children: Rockschool Let’s Rock – Start playing now.

Grade books: Rockschool Grades 1-8.


Other useful practise aids:

Drum Beats + App.